“We really wanted to make our process more efficient and Choco was the perfect solution. We save so much time and money through less order mishaps and no longer have stacks of paper or spend hours on the phone”

About Choco

Choco is the easiest way to order from all your suppliers. We save restaurants 5+ hours a week and reduce order mistakes by 85%. Our mission is to transition the world to sustainable food systems.

Jamie Smith, Owner of Amma Che

Nov 19-21

Anti-food waste pop-up
Restaurants in Los Angeles neighborhoods

Featuring dishes made of food waste.


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Strings of Life

Counterpart Vegan

Echo Park

We believe the most beautiful and comforting food can be made with ingredients straight from the earth. Our executive chef Mimi Williams proudly uses local ingredients sourced from Elysian Valley Garden to make all plant-based proteins, sauces, and spreads from scratch. Our neighborhood restaurant is located in Echo Park and open all-day for your vegan indulgence.

About Waste is Gold

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West Hollywood

Strings of Life (S.O.L) is a union of specialty coffee, chef driven food + music. A place to get together + celebrate the often overlooked art of conversation over a meal. The all-day cafe is dedicated to laid back Aussie vibes, food, and coffee. S.O.L. comes by way of the E.P. & L.P. team - Grant Smillie and David Combes of Botanical Hospitality Group.

Waste is Gold is an anti-food waste "popup," featuring Los Angeles restaurants that have created dishes made out of food waste ingredients. Participating chefs are challenged to design a dish or repurpose an existing menu item and customers can order these items on the weekend of Nov 19th-21st for takeout and outdoor dining.

In the US alone, 40% of all food produced goes uneaten, making up 133 billion pounds in landfills and totaling $161 billion of food waste per year. In an effort to combat impending climate change, California state bill 1383 also sets a statewide target to reduce organic waste in landfills by 50 percent by 2020, and to recover at least 20 percent of edible food waste by 2025.

It's in this backdrop that Choco - a new app providing free order management technology to restaurants and food suppliers- has organized this campaign. The initiative is a mash up of food, sustainability and technology, topics the restaurant industry is grappling with to survive and thrive in the coming months.

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Beelman's believes that quality food and drink can bring eaters of all kinds together. Created to give Downtown LA a community where meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike can enjoy everything a proper pub has to offer, with a few special twists. We want YOU to come experience what plant-based pub food really means.

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Farmer’s market ratatouille with handmade spaghetti and various parts of squash, $15.50

Skull island tiger prawn bisque

Tomato soup with leftover vegetables

Cup $6

Bowl $8

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