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Choco is the easiest way to order from all your suppliers. We save restaurants 5+ hours a week and reduce order mistakes by 85%. Our mission is to transition the world to sustainable food systems.

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Jamie Smith, Owner of Amma Che

March 26-28

Anti-food waste pop-up
Restaurants in Miami

Featuring dishes made of food waste.


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Beehive Cafe & Juice Bar

About Waste is Gold


Beehive Juice Bar is a small counter in the back of a South Miami health food store, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character. Owner Carlos Schichi and his tasty vegan eats have amassed a devoted following over the years with a changing menu every single day.

Waste is Gold is an anti-food waste event featuring Miami restaurants that have created dishes made out of food waste ingredients. Participating chefs are challenged to design a dish or repurpose an existing menu item and customers can order these items on the weekend of March 26-28 via curbside pickup, delivery and dine-in.

In the US alone, 40% of all food produced goes uneaten, making up 133 billion pounds in landfills and totaling $161 billion of food waste per year. 

It's in this backdrop that Choco - a new app providing free order management technology to restaurants and food suppliers- has organized this campaign. The initiative touches on the interconnections of food, sustainability and technology for the future of restaurants.

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Manna Life Food

Downtown Miami

Manna Life Food is a superfood juice bar and plant based cafe. MANNA - referred to as food from heaven or divine spiritual nourishment. All our food is freshly made from scratch every single day and we only use first quality organic ingredients free of gluten, artificial flavors, additives, refined sugars or GMOs.

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Falafel with residue and pulp from cold press juices

Banana peel Cochinita Pibil

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Pamela Wasabi Bakery


Pamela Wasabi Bakery is a 100% vegan and gluten-free artisanal bakery. All our products are made by hand with wholesome, organic and exotic ingredients. Our purpose is to instill the fundamental concepts of nourishment and self-love. We want to spread the message that we are love, we are nature, and we are life. We should eat what we are, and we are beauty; hence, the bakery's hashtag #EatMoreBeauty.

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"Ugly" Cheesecake and Almond Buttercups

Pionono (March 26th): For this dish we use a vegan version of Cuban-style Picadillo we run as a special the day before. We line a casserole dish with strips of overripe plantains, fill the casserole with the rejuvenated Picadillo and finish it with another layer of the overripe plantains. 

Spinach Cake with Roasted Pepper Sauce (March 27th): The Spinach Cake is a dish best made using leftover rice. It is actually preferable to freshly cooked rice. The rice is kneaded with cooked spinach and seasoned to taste. It is then formed in a pan where it is rebaked in the oven and paired with a Roasted Pepper Sauce.

The Caribe Vegan

Location varies- updates on @thecaribevegan

Melissa Guzman was diagnosed with an auto immune illness at age 28 that led her to 7 hospitalizations within 4 months and eventually a
wheelchair. During her recovery, Melissa found that a vegan diet would help with inflammation in her body and was able to make a full recovery. The Caribe Vegan is her way of sharing her story before it's too late for others.

Build Your Own Banana Boat

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Lilikoi Organic Living

South Beach

Lilikoi is committed to preparing your meals with the freshest ingredients that are locally and organically sourced. We want to provide food and nutrition that support a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable way to live. We carefully evaluate each and every product we use keeping processed ingredients, unnecessary sugar and genetically modified organisms out of our dishes. We here at Lilikoi are passionate about great tasting healthy meals and the pleasure of sharing it with those around us. We thrive on excellence and genuine hospitality.

Farro risotto with mushroom soy sauce fermented with portobello mushroom stems

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